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FIX HOW YOU FEEL — 5 TIPS FOR FEELING BETTER — with guest Dr. Darren Morton

Dr. Darren Morton shares his 5 tips for feeling fantastic showing us the science behind how and what we surround ourselves with. How we move and how we think can all have significant effects on whether or not we get the most out of life. Dr. Morton challenges participants to look to all areas ofContinue reading “FIX HOW YOU FEEL — 5 TIPS FOR FEELING BETTER — with guest Dr. Darren Morton”

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Even the strongest willpower can be tested by a negative environment. Find out the secret to changing healthy behaviors into healthy habits through practical tips and suggestions that can help re-engineer your everyday choices to promote healthy behaviors. (Based on CHIP Session #15)

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CHIP: A Practical Solution to Address Underlying Risks for COVID-19

Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically affected the usual and customary delivery of  healthcare services in the United States. One of the most significant changes has been the new  urgency and reliance on the adoption of technology, i.e., telemedicine/ telehealth, as a practical  solution to maintain delivery of necessary healthcare to patients with chronic disease.  Continue reading “CHIP: A Practical Solution to Address Underlying Risks for COVID-19”

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Positive lifestyle change isn’t just about eating better and moving more. True change needs to come from positive thinking. In this session Dr. Sal talks about the science behind behavior change and the strong impact our beliefs can have on our behaviors — in both a positive and negative sense. (Based on CHIP Session #13)

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Do you understand the results of your lab test and what it means for your health and wellbeing? The numbers tell the story, and so do participants in the CHIP program who take action and find success through their own unique journey. With special guest Dr. Hans Diehl. (Based on CHIP Session #12)