Pivio for

A proven lifestyle medicine-based solution that uses evidence-based behavior change to support your members on their GLP-1 drug treatment plan and achieve long-lasting results. Healthier members. Reduced costs for payers.

Obesity and GLP-1, by the numbers

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  • More than 42% of the US population is obese 1
  • 73% of the population is overweight or obese 1
  • GLP-1 drug annual cost is between $10,000 and $18,000 per patient 2
  • 4% of adults currently take a weight loss drug 3
  • 45% of adults are interested in taking a safe and effective weight loss drug 3

1. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2017–March 2020
2. Bloomberg, April 2023
3. Mercer annual survey as reported in BenefitsPro, November 2023

Supporting your members’ GLP-1 treatment plans with behavior modification

The Pivio for GLP-1 solution builds on more than 35 years of clinical data in preventing and reducing chronic disease and reducing healthcare costs. Through cohort-based support or 1:1 coaching, Pivio for GLP-1 supports members and guides them to pivot away from chronic disease and pivot toward health.

Through evidence-based education, behavioral change techniques, and experiential learning, Pivio influences long-term lifestyle choices that result in lasting health outcomes that compliment GLP-1 members’ health journey.

Program designed specifically for your GLP-1 members

  • Assessment of each participant joining the program
  • One-on-one coaching or cohort-based support
  • Personalized journey, tailored to members taking GLP-1 drugs
  • Topical and timely content and resources for GLP-1 members
  • Results reported to health plan, employer, or health system client, in aggregate

Reduces healthcare costs for health plans, employers, and health systems

The Pivio for GLP-1 solution supports members on their GLP-1 journey and drives lasting health outcomes. Healthier members means lower costs for the organizations who shoulder the financial burden. As members modify their lifestyle choices and become healthier, they see more positive health outcomes and they may become less reliant on costly weight management drugs. Reduced medical claims for chronic conditions and for GLP-1 drugs saves payers money.

Are you ready to lower your healthcare costs while empowering your GLP-1 members or employees to live healthier lives?