Pivio for Employers

The cost of chronic conditions

As a self-insured employer, you’re well aware of the financial strain caused by chronic conditions. These ailments not only affect your bottom line but also impact employee well-being and productivity.

Partnering for success and savings

Pivio delivers measurable results. For every dollar invested in Pivio, organizations save two dollars on medical claims costs. Our evidence-based approach, backed by more than 35 years of success and 40 peer-reviewed articles, ensures tangible outcomes.

Tailored solutions for your workforce

We recognize that each workforce is unique. That’s why we offer two flexible solutions:

Pivio, our flagship program provides group sessions facilitated by certified Pivio Health Coaches, delivering proven lifestyle modification solutions tailored to your employees’ needs.

For flexibility and convenience, Pivio Now offers a self-guided experience with one-to-one coaching, empowering employees to prioritize health on their own schedule.

In addition to live health coaching both Pivio and Pivio Now offer participants:

  • User-friendly web experience
  • Engaging, multimedia content to teach participants how to  apply lifestyle medicine to their daily lives and build lasting, healthy habits
  • Online meal planner with thousands of healthy, nutritious recipes
  • And more

And, offer partners:

  • Administrative and operational support for implementation
  • Marketing and communications tools to promote Pivio in your organization
  • Ongoing support for success
  • And more (dare we say, “turn key”?)

Which solution is right for my employees?

Introducing Pivio for

A lifestyle program designed to drive meaningful behavior change for people who use GLP-1 medications, and to drive down medical costs for employers.

Proven outcomes

Our results speak volumes. Pivio has been instrumental in reducing and reversing risk factors associated with:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Obesity
  • Heart disease
  • Other chronic disease

“The support provided through the group sessions, videos, and other Pivio resources was outstanding. My employer’s health coach was super motivating and supportive and I met some amazing colleagues who made the meetings fun. The Pivio videos of the real people going through the same program and challenges were so encouraging, and I learned so much from the educational materials presented by the doctors and nutritionists. Beyond the weight loss, my blood work has improved dramatically. My total cholesterol is down by about 70 points and I’m in the “normal” range for the first time ever. The best of all is the way I feel. I have fairly advanced arthritis and degeneration in my neck and lower back, and this program has led to significant improvement in my pain level due to decreased inflammation.”

-Pivio participant

“Using Pivio to deliver lifestyle medicine has been very successful. The program materials are engaging and well done. Participants really see the connection between the pillars of lifestyle medicine and how they impact their health. For most participants, changes in their health occur quickly, which reinforces continuing what they have learned through the program.”

-Pivio client

Ready to cut costs and empower your workforce?

Take the first step towards a healthier, more productive workforce. Contact us today to learn how Pivio or Pivio Now can lower your healthcare costs and empower your employees to lead healthier lives.