Transforming Health One Journey at a Time

Lifestyle Medicine Institute (LMI)  has been empowering individuals to live healthy lives for 35+ years. With a focus on transforming health and fostering thriving communities, LMI launched the first comprehensive lifestyle medicine solution to be certified and endorsed by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine: Pivio (previously known as CHIP).  

Pivio is rooted in evidence-based research and provides individuals a comprehensive framework to pivot away from chronic disease and towards optimal health. LMI partners with employers, health care systems, physician practices and health plans to activate Pivio within their organizations to reduce escalating healthcare costs by improving the health and vitality of their employees and patients.

What we believe


We respect and celebrate the infinite value created in each of us by genuinely caring for health, hope and happiness of every person


To share with our community a message of health and hope for a better life


To lead, inspire and resource the genuine experience of happy, healthy living in our communities

Our history

Over 120 years ago, Australia’s Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing started making health foods from a small bakery in Melbourne and were promoting the benefits of wholesome plant-based foods. The driving force was to give the community healthier choices and they’ve been doing it ever since. Today, Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing is the nation’s largest health food company.

Lifestyle Medicine Institute (LMI), a proud member of Australia’s Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing family of companies, launched the Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) in 1988. It helped organizations manage escalating costs of health care claims by improving employees’ and patients’ health.

CHIP has a 35+ year history of research experience and 40+ published research articles confirming program efficacy and health outcomes. Participants of CHIP learned how to change harmful habits into healthful ones. LMI’s lifestyle medicine solution has helped over tens of thousands of participants regain their health and vitality.

In 2022, LMI launched the next generation of CHIP. The enhanced brand and solution debuted under a new name: Pivio. Pivio gives its partners a turnkey solution for restoring health and reducing costs.

The program builds upon the strong foundation that CHIP created. Pivio offers an expanded network of learning resources, informed by years of research and keeps participants advancing toward their health goals by specially trained facilitators.

Prioritizing Health Equity

LMI’s philosophy is to respect and celebrate the infinite value created in each of us by genuinely caring for health, hope and happiness of every person. We believe everyone should be given the equal opportunity to improve their health and overall quality of life. We actively partner with our clients to operationalize and prioritize health equity goals for populations that need it most.   

A key deliverable in implementing Pivio is identifying and shaping strategies to reach diverse population groups, including individuals that have greater health disparities. The Pivio solution includes systems, content, and behavior change teams designed to ensure appropriate learning environments based on ethnic, cultural, geographic, and other key social constructs.

Our parent company Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing is strongly driven by improving the lives and overall well-being of all communities. Learn more about Sanitarium’s social purpose.

Meet the team

Charles Abraham, PhD

Senior Behavior-Change Psychologist

Genevieve Alvarez

Finance & Accounting Manager

Charmin Aschenbrener, RDN, CHWC, DipACLM

Coaching Operations Manager

Simon Barden

Program & Product Development Manager

Jim Belden

Project Manager

Amanda Cruz, MBA

Director of Client Solutions and Engagement 

Daniel Derrick

General Manager, Personalized Wellbeing

Evan Griffin

Business Development Manager

Claire Heenan

Personalized Wellbeing Research Manager

Lain Kahlstrom

Client Solutions and Engagement Manager

Justine Kuehn

Business Development Manager

Salvatore Lacagnina, DO

Medical Director

Darryl Ludington

Media, Information, and Service Manager

Rowell Maghirang

Solution Architect

Cathy McDonald

Program Director

Bri McLane

Client Operations Coordinator

Angie Page

Clinical Reimbursement Solutions Manager

Dan Poch

Vice President, Sales and Client Solutions

Sunita Rao-Fogt

Marketing Director

Jere Stocks, MBA

President, North America

Kevin Walter

Vice President, Finance and Operations