Reduce costs.

Transform lives.

Our partners not only save money,
they save lives.

Lifestyle Medicine Institute partners with organizations to activate the evidence-based Pivio or Pivio Now solutions to improve health while reducing escalating medical claims costs.

Health plans, employers, health systems, and physicians can all benefit from a Lifestyle Medicine Institute solution.

For more than 35 years, Lifestyle Medicine Institute’s scientifically-proven lifestyle medicine solution has helped prevent, treat, and assist in the reversal of many chronic diseases.

Addressing chronic disease

Lifestyle Medicine Institute’s solutions help participants pivot toward optimal health—and away from chronic disease. 

Do you have members, employees, or patients who are fighting type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, or other chronic illness? Lifestyle Medicine Institute solutions–Pivio and Pivio Now–provide an action plan for healthy living.

Reducing medical and pharmacy costs

When healthful habits go up, costs of medical claims and medications go way down.

In the second year after partnering with us and implementing a lifestyle medicine program, organizations typically see cost savings that are double the amount of their investment.

Transforming health, one journey at a time

Introducing Pivio for

A lifestyle program designed to drive meaningful behavior change for people using GLP-1 medication, and to drive down medical costs for health plans, employers, and health systems.

Knowledge Bank

Our lifestyle medicine experts share their knowledge to help partners and participants succeed.

Clinical Research

Browse more than 40 peer-reviewed research papers proving that our lifestyle medicine solution reduces and reverses risk factors related to chronic disease.

Behavioral Science

Lifestyle Medicine Institute’s behavioral science tools integrate lifestyle medicine approaches into daily life.

What’s New

Gain insight about the latest health research and methods that can help employees and patients reclaim their health.


Unfamiliar with lifestyle medicine terminology? This resource will help you master commonly used terms.

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Pivot Point

Download our whitepaper “Pivot Point: Transforming our healthcare system through personalized lifestyle medicine”.

See how Pivio or Pivio Now can transform lives within your organization.

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