Sheryl O.

“My Pivio journey began when I got the results of a fibro scan. My liver was not looking good, P.S. no I am not a drinker. My NP Gina Kelly recommended the program. I went home and thought on it. See, I am 48 years old, the mother of 4 really great kids, and my body is falling apart. My primary physician diagnosed me as a type 2 diabetic, morbidly obese, with my cholesterol climbing slowly, GI issues, fatty liver and the list continues. I decided then, there really wasn’t anything to think about. Some pretty big changes had to happen if I wanted to get healthy.  Jenny Craig, Weightwatchers, Nutrasystem, etc. just did not work long term for me.

The Pivio program class started on a Tuesday night. I got there late, due to traffic, and decided the Zoom class was a better fit for me and my schedule. This is an important fact, because it is just one example of how accommodating the program is. The two classes the first week were great and I loved the cast in the episodes. I think it was because they were not actors and they seemed so real to me. I was enjoying it. A few days later would be my start to a 1 week meatless challenge. My husband, of 27 years, and the man that requires meat at every meal, asks if he can join me in the challenge. OK, what is going here? Long story short, we start out together, and immediately, we feel different. We feel better. Digestion is smooth, no heartburn, we can certainly live like this. He says, (on day seven) ” Let’s try fourteen days” !

Now fast forward to three months later. We have gone gluten free and dairy free, as well as meat free for 12 weeks. I go to my yearly physical and find out I am 2 points shy of being out of diabetic range, 20 pounds lighter, and 2 1/2 inches are gone from my waist. HOLY COW! ( no pun intended ) I feel amazing. A few days later I have my blood drawn and everything changes. Cholesterol looks great, A1C is so much better, even my blood pressure was down 2 points. My husband has lost 30 pounds, and he is looking forward to seeing the heart DR. for his yearly check up. I already know he will be impressed with him. He looks and feels fantastic.

Pivio has helped us so much. We are taking the weight off, but we are doing it slowly, under the care of our Dr. We are not just doing this to lose weight, but to lose illness and aches and pains. It has changed the way we look at what we put in our bodies. We sleep better, talk more, move more. It wasn’t hard. We just followed the program. I don’t have to weigh my food, or count calories and points. I just look at my plate and say, ” is it healthy and do I have the rainbow on there? ” Simple as that! I just cleaned out all the junk from our pantry, that did nothing but add weight and problems to my life. The support system and videos are engaging and easy to follow. The cookbook is a fixture in the kitchen now. Dr. Rao and Gina and Nicole feel like friends, not just the people I see at appointments. They are passionate about the program and what they teach, because they live the lifestyle. Our entire class feels like family. I will forever be grateful for this. My children will too, because their mother is a lot happier and healthier.”