Pivio Leaders: Lifestyle Medicine Insights

Over the course of the Pivio experience, experts share a wealth of knowledge with participants. This month, we’re highlighting a few of the many insights Pivio experts teach as a part of the complete lifestyle medicine solution, as well as corresponding guides and resources:

Behavior Change Techniques

Charles Abraham, PhD

The critical component that makes Pivio successful is the emphasis on the research and application of behavior change techniques. Charles Abraham, PhD, a Behaviour Change Scientist at LMI and Professor of Psychology at Deakin University, says: 

“A lifestyle change problem is a behavior change problem. Pivio is special because it enables, empowers, and shows people how to make necessary lifestyle changes – and then successfully teaches them how to maintain those changes over time.”

Learn more about the Pivio experience.

The Power of Sleep

Joni Yamamoto, MD is a family physician at Advent Health Medical Group in Georgia. Dr. Yamamoto uses lifestyle medicine in her practice, and counsels Pivio participants on the links between sleep and lifestyle medicine. She shares: 

“Making lifestyle changes such as losing weight, decreasing blood pressure and cholesterol, and lowering blood sugars – among other changes – all make a difference in both the quality and quantity of your sleep.” 
Interested in learning more about the connections between sleep and lifestyle medicine? Check out this research for a deeper look at how lifestyle medicine interventions can impact sleep and sleep disorders.

Joni Yamamoto, MD

Plant-Based Nutrition

Dr. Milton Mills

A focus on nutrition is key throughout the Pivio experience, and we are fortunate to have several experts who guide participants on the many facets of nutrition: 

Dr. Milton Mills is a resident Pivio expert who also has a passion for plant-based living. His website, “Plant Based Nation” has a wealth of research, videos, resources, and recipes for anyone to enjoy. 

Charmin Aschenbrener, RDN, DipACLM is a Registered Dietitian and the Pivio Coaching Operations Manager. Through her expertise, Charmin coaches participants on the optimal ways to make healthy lifestyle choices, particularly when it comes to nutrition. She shares: 

“If we can find healthier ways to achieve the same texture of the unhealthier foods that we love, then we accomplish the goal of   improving our health and lifestyle while not compromising our palates.”

Learn more from Charmin on the whole food plant-based basics in this video.

Charmin Aschenbrener, RDN, DipACLM
Gueli Fornetti

Gueli Fornetti, a whole food, plant-based chef takes plant-based cooking to an entirely new level. Promoting the power of lifestyle medicine through her support of Pivio and her thriving culinary business, Chef Gueli shares: 

“With a few simple substitutes and changes you do not lose any flavor or texture with plant-based cooking, but rather create foods that are nutritious and delicious to support your health and wellbeing.”

Chef Gueli has a wealth of resources on her website, including recipes, an eBook, and shopping guides.

Lifestyle Medicine in Practice

Salvatore Lacagnina, DO (known as Dr. Sal) is the Medical Director at LMI. Dr. Sal plays a crucial role for Pivio participants as he shares his expertise on the proven, clinical benefits of implementing lifestyle medicine solutions. 

Dr. Sal is also a published author, with his book “How to Grow Up Without Getting Old!” available on Amazon

Salvatore Lacagnina, DO