Easy for Physicians, Life-Changing for Patients

Embarking on the Pivio journey is a transformative experience with significant benefits for both patients and providers.

Delivering Pivio to your patients results in:

  • Improved clinical outcomes
  • Increased patient and provider satisfaction
  • Enhanced revenue generation

Pivio also makes it easy to deliver a lifestyle medicine solution to at-risk patients in an economical way. It is an already developed and packaged program that is seamless to implement—the turnkey solution for physicians and their patients.

Support & Revenue with Pivio

As a partner offering the program, you will receive:

Partner Support ComponentsDescription
Marketing and communications tools to promote Pivio in your organizationCreative and content for flyers and emails. Contains Pivio program information and details of your class offerings.
Billing support leveraging reimbursement codesPre and post program consultations.
Training for your facilitator(s)Virtual training program.
Administrative and operational support for implementationSupport setting up cohorts and launching the program on PivioHub

Along with this support, you can expect to receive an estimated $1,800 per participant through claims reimbursement. Learn more during the 1-hour pre-program consultation.

Physicians and Patients Benefit with Pivio

Hear from Dr. Parkinson, MD, MPH, FACPM, Sr Medical Director at UPMC Health Plan on why he believes Pivio is the solution physicians need to adopt.

Next steps

Contact us at physicians@piviohealth.com to learn how to activate Pivio within your practice.


How Pivio can benefit you & your practice

Pivio is a comprehensive solution offering the following returns:

Clinical return on investment

  • Improves biomarkers
  • Energizes a patient’s health and vitality
  • Offers providers like you what you have wanted: a comprehensive solution that works

Financial return on investment

  • Creates a path for professional services and reimbursement
  • Lowers patients’ out-of-pocket health care costs

Engagement return on investment

  • Enhances loyalty of patients and employees to your practice
  • Strengthens brand reputation
  • Becomes a platform for change