Maximizing Patient Engagement and Reimbursement: Leveraging Pivio for Cohort-Based Shared Medical Appointments

Shared medical appointments (SMAs) offer an effective and efficient approach to delivering comprehensive care to patients with similar health concerns. By bringing together small groups of individuals for appointments, SMAs offer a unique opportunity for providers to address common health issues, foster peer support, and enhance patient education. However, navigating the administrative complexities and reimbursement challenges associated with SMAs can pose significant hurdles for healthcare providers and organizations.

Enter Pivio – a proven solution that, in addition to helping people pivot away from chronic conditions and towards optimal health, offers a streamlined opportunity for SMAs for providers and their patients. Explore how the cohort-based Pivio supports shared medical appointments, offering even more opportunity for shared learning and support and enhances reimbursement opportunities; and learn how the Pivio team helps clients overcome common barriers to adoption.

Understanding the cohort-based model

Pivio’s flagship solution is cohort-based, which brings together groups of participants over a 12-week period. During these sessions, participants engage in group discussions, receive education on managing their health and, with shared medical appointments, have individual encounters (during the group session) with the provider as needed.

Maximizing reimbursement opportunities with Pivio

One of the key advantages for providers and health systems who utilize Pivio for SMAs is its ability to optimize reimbursement opportunities. Pivio offers comprehensive reimbursement education and support to providers, ensuring they understand the intricacies of billing for cohort-based SMAs. From coding guidelines to navigating insurance policies, Pivio equips providers with the knowledge and resources they need to optimize reimbursement.

With Pivio, providers have the flexibility to bill for private 1:1 time with participants during the SMA sessions or conduct 1:1 encounters in front of the entire cohort, providing even greater opportunity for peer learning and support. This enables providers to maximize reimbursement by billing for each participant’s encounter within the same appointment slot.

Enhancing patient engagement and experience

Beyond reimbursement, Pivio plays a crucial role in enhancing patient engagement and experience within cohort-based SMAs. Pivio fosters peer support and community education by facilitating group discussions and shared experiences among cohort participants. This collaborative environment not only enhances patient engagement but also promotes learning and empowerment.

Pivio enables providers to deliver personalized care and support to each participant within the cohort, addressing individual needs and concerns during both group and private encounters. This personalized approach enhances the overall effectiveness of the program and contributes to patient outcomes.

Overcoming barriers to adoption

Despite the numerous benefits of cohort-based SMAs, healthcare providers and organizations may encounter challenges when implementing these programs. Common barriers include billing complexities, reimbursement uncertainties, and patient confusion around how copays and deductibles work for SMAs. However, Pivio offers a comprehensive solution to overcome these barriers by providing reimbursement education, billing support, and patient engagement guidance.

Maximize outcomes with SMAs

Leveraging SMAs with Pivio enhances reimbursement opportunities, patient engagement, and program effectiveness. By utilizing Pivio’s support services, healthcare providers and organizations can maximize the impact of their SMAs while overcoming common barriers to adoption.

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