Lifestyle Medicine Institute to Launch Turnkey Solution for Organizations to Reduce Healthcare Costs

LOMA LINDA, Calif., Feb. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Lifestyle Medicine Institute (LMI) is launching an innovative health and wellbeing program aimed to help communities, organizations, and their employees transform their health and decrease risk of chronic disease.

Launching in Spring 2022, Pivio – the Complete Health Improvement Program is an enhanced solution that represents a new era for LMI’s current Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP). Based on 35+ years of research, development, and market experience, Pivio is built on the framework of CHIP as the first program to be certified and endorsed by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) and referenced in 40+ scientific articles confirming the benefits and health outcomes of its participants. A 12-week program based on six key pillars of lifestyle medicine, Pivio is a turnkey solution for a wide array of organizations to reduce healthcare costs and enhance health and wellbeing of employees, patients, and community.

Pivio educates people on lifestyle drivers to reduce their risk of chronic diseases. Coupled with education and a support system, Pivo equips participants with tools to help identify barriers and influence sustainable behavioral change. As Jere Stocks, President of LMI, says, “Pivio is a powerful lifestyle medicine solution that addresses the root cause of chronic disease. Pivio provides a comprehensive framework that supports individuals on their transformative journey towards optimal health.”

In the Pivio program, participants will find more tools and resources, including updated educational and highly engaging video content, nutritious recipes, group sessions facilitated by trained and accredited specialist Behavior Change Coaches, an updated health status assessment and more. For organizations in the US, Pivio emphasizes the opportunity to pivot away from escalating healthcare costs through a lifestyle medicine approach to health. It also drives dramatic improvements in key clinical measures. Pivio gives clinicians an effective strategy to improve their patients’ overall health and vitality.

Launching in US markets in Spring 2022, Pivio is a powerful turning point for healthcare solutions. If you or your organization are ready to learn more, contact LMI today at 909-796-7676 or visit

About Lifestyle Medicine Institute
Lifestyle Medicine Institute (LMI), a member of Australia’s Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing family, is committed to developing and delivering leading-edge health programs and solutions to empower people to be their best. Since LMI launched CHIP in 1988, it has helped tens of thousands of participants across North America reclaim their health.