Lifestyle Medicine Institute launches Pivio for GLP-1, a solution proven to improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs

LOMA LINDA, Calif., Jan. 31, 2024 – Lifestyle Medicine Institute (LMI) announces the launch of Pivio for GLP-1, a proven lifestyle medicine-based solution designed to support GLP-1 drug treatment plans and deliver enduring results. Backed by evidence-based behavior change strategies, this program aims to foster healthier participants and decrease costs for payers.

Obesity and GLP-1, by the Numbers
In a country where more than 42% of the population is obese and 73% are classified as overweight or obese, addressing the growing concern of obesity-related health implications and costs is crucial. The skyrocketing demand and annual cost of GLP-1 drugs, at more than $10,000 per patient, poses a significant financial challenge.

Supporting GLP-1 Treatment Plans with Behavior Modification
The Pivio for GLP-1 solution draws from more than 35 years of clinical data focused on preventing and reducing chronic diseases while simultaneously cutting healthcare costs. By combining evidence-based education, behavioral change techniques, and experiential learning, Pivio guides participants towards long-term lifestyle choices by changing harmful habits into healthful ones.

“Pivio’s exclusive Learning How to Change Ourselves curriculum teaches participants behavior modification techniques alongside intentionally-delivered lifestyle medicine content that, combined, play a pivotal role in fostering positive health outcomes,” said Charmin Aschenbrener RDN, CHWC, DipACLM, Pivio’s Coach Operations Manager. “Behavior modification is a critical component of any GLP-1 treatment plan, and Pivio is a proven solution to support the unique needs of people on their GLP-1 journey.”

Program Designed Specifically for GLP-1 Users
Based on Pivio’s proven lifestyle modification solution, the features of Pivio for GLP-1 support the unique needs of GLP-1 users, including those who are currently using a GLP-1 drug or are considering using a GLP-1 drug, and can serve as an effective off-ramp for those who are stopping GLP-1 drug use. Pivio for GLP-1 provides options for cohort-based or 1:1 health coaching, along with a full suite of resources, assessments, and more.

Previously a cohort-based solution, Pivio recently launched Pivio Now, offering organizations an opportunity to engage their at risk populations–such as those with obesity or type 2 diabetes–in a flexible, self-guided version of Pivio with 1:1 coaching.

Reducing Healthcare Costs for Health Plans, Employers, and Health Systems
Pivio for GLP-1 not only supports GLP-1 users on their current journey but also drives lasting health outcomes. As participants adopt healthier lifestyle choices, organizations experience lower costs. The financial burden on health plans and employers diminishes as participants become less reliant on costly weight management drugs, leading to reduced medical claims for chronic conditions and GLP-1 drugs.

Organizations who are ready to lower their healthcare costs while empowering their GLP-1 members or employees to live healthier lives, can learn more here:

About Lifestyle Medicine Institute
Lifestyle Medicine Institute (LMI) has been empowering individuals to live healthy lives for more than 35 years. With a focus on transforming health and fostering thriving communities, LMI launched the first comprehensive lifestyle medicine solution to be certified and endorsed by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine: Pivio, previously known as Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP).Pivio is rooted in evidence-based research and provides individuals a comprehensive framework to pivot away from chronic disease and towards optimal health. LMI partners with health plans, employers, health care systems, and physician practices to activate Pivio within their organizations to reduce escalating healthcare costs by improving the health and vitality of their employees and patients. Learn more at