Lifestyle Medicine Facilitator

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Main Purpose of the Role 

The purpose of this role is to facilitate Pivio and help participants identify and meet their health goals through a comprehensive lifestyle medicine approach. The coach will support and empower participants by furthering their knowledge, skills, tools, and confidence to become active participants in their health.  

Key Responsibilities  

  • Facilitate the delivery of the Pivio curriculum via in-person or virtual platform 
  • Help participants identify their motivation for change
  • Meet with participants to discuss goals, progress, and barriers to change 
  • Create a positive and engaging atmosphere of social support and accountability 
  • Support participants making lifestyle changes using the 6 pillars of Lifestyle Medicine 
  • Perform fundamental logistical tasks required for facilitating CHIP groups 


  • Bachelor’s degree in a field such as nutrition, counseling, fitness, psychology, medicine, or nursing from a U.S. accredited university is preferred. (Ideally plant-based RD/RDN or plant-based clinician or plant-based RN) 
  • Health Coaching certification and/or Motivational Interviewing training 

Other helpful experiences: 

  • Education in Whole Food Plant Based nutrition, and/or completed plant-based nutrition education.  
  • Experience teaching Whole food plant-based nutrition such as Food for Life 


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills 
  • The ability to build strong relationships with your participants  
  • Displays tech-savviness and is comfortable helping participants troubleshoot technical issues 
  • Able to use technology used in Pivio  
  • Prior experience with video conference software, similar to Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Go To Meeting.
  • Experience with breakout rooms and video conference software.
  • A passion for health and wellness 
  • Empathy and emotional intelligence 
  • A strong understanding of positive psychology, behavioral change, and motivation 

Adheres to Principles & Values of the Lifestyle Medicine Institute 

  • Models self-care by living the pillars of Lifestyle Medicine (whole food plant-based diet, exercise, stress management, restorative sleep, healthy relationships, and avoidance of harmful substances)  
  • Understands and values the tenets of Lifestyle Medicine 
  • Promotes and defends diversity and equal opportunity  

Key Attributes 

  • Sees self as part of group and works toward group’s goals 
  • Is relatable to people at all levels and backgrounds 
  • Manages conflict effectively 
  • Looks for creative ways to give all group members the opportunity to participate 
  • Controls their personal views and is able to maintain neutrality with regard to politics, religion, etc 
  • Reacts with compassion and empathy to shared emotions from group members 
  • Focuses on participants’ needs and satisfaction 
  • Ensures a calm environment geared toward participant success 
  • Delivers a consistently high-quality product 

Presenting and communicating information  

  • Speaks clearly and fluently 
  • Communicates the value of lifestyle medicine and LMI solutions effectively 
  • Responds quickly to the needs of an audience and to their reactions and feedback  
  • Demonstrates credibility and competence 
  • Demonstrates professionalism while presenting, (e.g., wearing business casual or business attire during presentations; during video calls, displays a background aligned with CHIP values and utilizes headphones to reduce noise interference)  
  • Maintains appropriate connectivity for seamless video calls (minimum requirement of broadband with at least 20Mbs upload speed) 

 Coping with pressures and setbacks 

  • Works productively in a high-pressure environment 
  • Keeps emotions under control during difficult situations  
  • Balances the demands of work life and personal life 
  • Maintains a positive outlook at work 
  • Handles criticism well and learns from it 

About Pivio | Lifestyle Medicine Institute 

Pivio, The Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP), is a research-tested, intensive lifestyle medicine intervention solution designed to prevent, arrest, and facilitate the reversal of many common chronic diseases. Founded in 1987, CHIP has impacted thousands of participants and generated more than 40 published scientific articles. CHIP is a community-based intervention program that uses behavioral change principles, education in an entertaining style and modern adult learning tools to help participants make fundamental lifestyle changes that are proven to lower key risk factors. CHIP is a powerful disease reversal tool that disrupts and curtails the rising chronic disease rates and improve an individual’s overall health and wellbeing. CHIP is deployed within organizations throughout the US and around the world. 

LMI is an equal opportunity employer.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, age, or Protected Veteran status.  

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