Introducing Pivio Now: A self-guided version of Pivio, offering flexibility and 1:1 support

We’ve launched Pivio Now, a self-guided version of Pivio, featuring the same evidence-based content of our original cohort-based solution, now in a format that offers individuals the flexibility to progress through the program at their own pace.

Pivio Now offers:


Pivio Now is a self-guided version of Pivio, which makes it more flexible for participants to learn on their schedule. There are no set times to log in or be present. All content is available 24/7, so participants can access it and progress through the program on their own time.

Accountability & Support

Pivio Now includes one-to-one health coaching by our team of Pivio Coaches who are Certified Health Coaches and have extensive training and passion for lifestyle medicine. Pivio Coaches work with participants to help create achievable goals, work through challenges, and celebrate successes.

Follow Through & Retention

Pivio Now includes strategically-timed email messages with relevant tips to ensure participants are progressing through their transformative journey and don’t fall off track.

Improved Health Outcomes

Pivio Now requires individuals to take pre- and post-program health and lifestyle assessments to track progress and measure success.

Clinical Reporting Capabilities

Pivio Now offers reporting for clients to easily track their clinical and financial return-on-investment (ROI).

With a user-friendly digital experience, health status assessments, “edutainment” videos, healthy eating resources, behavior-change resources, lifestyle medicine education and more, Pivio provides an ecosystem of learning and support resources that act as a catalyst for behavior change.

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