Improving HEDIS Measures with Pivio: A Lifestyle Medicine Solution for Health Plans

Health plans constantly seek innovative ways to enhance their Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) measures. Pivio can help health plans improve their HEDIS measures, leading to better patient outcomes and more efficient healthcare delivery.

What is Pivio?

Pivio by Lifestyle Medicine Institute is a lifestyle medicine solution designed to empower individuals to take control of their health through evidence-based behavior change. It focuses on the six key pillars of lifestyle medicine: nutrition, physical activity, stress management, restorative sleep, avoidance of risky substances, and social connections. By addressing these areas, Pivio helps individuals make sustainable changes that improve their overall health and well-being.

Lifestyle Medicine Institute offers two versions of the solution. Pivio is the flagship solution, and is cohort-based, fostering collaborative learning experiences within a group setting; while Pivio Now features a self-guided learning experience with one-to-one coaching sessions.

Understanding HEDIS Measures

HEDIS is a widely used set of performance measures in the healthcare industry, developed by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). These measures are critical for health plans as they benchmark the quality of care provided to members. HEDIS covers a range of healthcare services, from preventive screenings and chronic disease management to mental health services and patient satisfaction.

Improving HEDIS scores is not just about meeting regulatory requirements; it’s about delivering high-quality care that results in better patient outcomes. Higher HEDIS scores can lead to improved health plan ratings, enhanced reputation, and potential financial incentives.

How Pivio Enhances HEDIS Measures

Pivio’s multifaceted approach to lifestyle medicine directly impacts several key HEDIS measures, including those related to chronic disease management, preventive health services, and patient engagement.

  1. Chronic Disease Management
    Chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular conditions are major focus areas in HEDIS measures. Pivio’s comprehensive behavior change program includes personalized meal plans, physical activity recommendations, and stress management techniques, which can significantly improve chronic disease outcomes. For example, patients with diabetes can benefit from tailored meal plans and regular physical activity, leading to better glucose control and lower HbA1c levels, a key HEDIS measure.
  2. Preventive Health Services
    Preventive care is essential for maintaining health and preventing the onset of chronic diseases. Pivio encourages regular health screenings and other preventive measures through its educational resources and personalized health tracking. By promoting adherence to preventive care guidelines, Pivio helps health plans improve HEDIS scores related to screenings for HbA1c and more.
  3. Patient Engagement and Satisfaction
    Engaging patients in their health journey is crucial for achieving positive health outcomes. Pivio provides an immersive ecosystem including a user-friendly platform with tools and resources and live coaching sessions that keep participants engaged and motivated. This active participation can lead to higher rates of adherence to treatment plans and preventive measures, directly impacting HEDIS measures related to patient engagement and satisfaction.
  4. Mental Health and Well-being
    Mental health is a critical component of overall well-being and is reflected in several HEDIS measures. Pivio’s stress management and social connection pillars offer support and resources to help individuals manage their emotional wellbeing. Improved mental health leads to better adherence to medical advice and healthier lifestyle choices, positively influencing HEDIS scores related to mental health care.

Real-world Impact

Health plans that integrate Pivio into their offerings can see improvements in areas that impact their HEDIS measures. For instance, members participating in Pivio programs show improved rates of blood pressure control, cholesterol management, and diabetes care. These improvements not only enhance the quality of care but also result in cost savings for health plans due to reduced hospital admissions and emergency visits.

A transformative tool–and partnership

Pivio is more than just a lifestyle medicine solution; it is a transformative tool and partnership that helps health plans improve their HEDIS measures by addressing the root causes of chronic diseases and promoting overall well-being. By integrating Pivio into their care management strategies, health plans can achieve better patient outcomes, higher quality care, and more efficient healthcare delivery. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, solutions like Pivio will play a pivotal role in shaping a healthier future.