Celebrating the Wins While Supporting Healthy Lifestyles

As the end of the year is just a few weeks away, now is a time when many organizations celebrate and recognize their teams. Our Pivio experts have recommendations and insights around how these enjoyable and important celebrations can occur while still supporting those on healthy lifestyle paths. 

Importance of Social Connection

At Pivio, one of the six pillars of lifestyle medicine in our solution is meaningful social connections. We fully support and encourage team celebrations and individual recognitions, especially at the end of the year! Taking the important time to acknowledge everything team members have accomplished and contributed to the organization supports their health in a variety of ways. 

Lifestyle medicine research shows that family, friends, and community play a powerful role in maintaining health. Research links social connection with fewer ailments and a longer life. Taking the time this season to meet with teams, have a meaningful celebration together, and express genuine gratitude helps individuals to be both healthier and happier.

Creative Celebrations

When it comes to team celebrations, there are a variety of ways to get together – both virtually and in person. Below are a few fun and different ideas to recognize your team: 

  • Host a lunch break with games! Include crowd pleasers like Bingo and Trivia, while also providing plenty of food options, including those that are whole-food, plant-based
  • For remote teams, host a virtual game show and provide each team member with a gift card to a meal delivery service where they can choose a lunch that aligns with their lifestyle
  • Have a decorating contest (office doors, cubicles, etc.) with prizes for the team-voted winners. For remote colleagues, have them decorate their home-office and give a tour of the space to be included in the competition
  • Create a time capsule where team members can write a prediction or hope for the upcoming year, then open with the group a year later to see the progression

Benefits of Recognition 

According to the CDC, research shows that celebrating and engaging employees in their health and wellness offers a multitude of benefits. These include: 

  • Better quality of life 
  • Lower risk of disease, illness and injury
  • Increased productivity in the workplace 
  • Higher likelihood of contributing to their communities

The Pivio solution supports these benefits as well, offering a lifestyle medicine approach that encourages healthy habits and sustainable positive changes. As the end of 2022 draws near, we encourage you to take time to acknowledge your teams and support their personal health and wellbeing as we look to 2023. There is tremendous value in celebrating and recognizing individuals personally and the team as a whole, and we hope you have a wonderful time sharing in these gatherings together!